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 Morning Afternoon
Sunday  Registration and Reception
Monday Evolutionary models and the UV-upturn
Tuesday Binary EHB stars
Wednesday Atmospheric properties of EHB stars Gladstone Museum visit
Conference Dinner
Thursday Asteroseismology I
Friday Asteroseismology II  


1800 - 2100Registration and reception
  (Ground floor of new wing of Lennard Jones Labs.)
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Monday 16th June 2003

0915 - 0930Welcome and notices
0930 - 1000Dr Tony Lynas-Gray
  Historical overview
Evolutionary models and the UV-upturn
1000 - 1045Dr Sukyoung Yi
  On the Origin of the UV Upturn in Elliptical Galaxies
1045 - 1115Coffee
1115 - 1200Dr. Thomas M. Brown
  The UV Upturn: From M32 to Distant Clusters
1200 - 1245 Dr Seok-Jin Yoon
  Horizontal-Branch Stars as Sources of the UV Upturn in Early-Type Galaxies
1245 - 1400Lunch
1400 - 1445Dr Sabine Moehler
  Helium-rich EHB stars in globular clusters
1445 - 1530Dr Jorick Vink
  Mass loss predictions for EHB stars
1530 - 1600Tea
1600 - 1645Dr. Donald Terndrup
  A Survey for Extreme Horizontal Branch Stars in the Galactic Bulge
1645 - 1730Mr Amir Ahmad
  The evolution of helium-rich subdwarf B stars
Poster presentations
1730 - 1740Dr Sukyoung Yi
  The Y2 Isochrones and Stellar Evolution Tracks
1740 - 1750Dr Roy Østensen
  The Subdwarf Database
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Tuesday 17th June 2003

Binary EHB stars
0915 - 1000Dr. Elizabeth Green
  Companions of Post-Common Envelope sdB Binaries
1000 - 1045Dr Philipp Podsiadklowski
  The progenitors of sdB binaries: confronting theory with observations.
1045 - 1115Coffee
1115 - 1200 Dr. Thomas Rauch
  AA Dor: An eclipsing sdOB - brown dwarf binary
1200 - 1245Mr Christian Karl
  HS2233+3927: a new sdB binary with a large reflection effect
1245 - 1400Lunch 
1400 - 1445Dr Luisa Morales-Rueda
  The orbital period distribution of sdB binaries
1445 - 1530Dr Pierre Maxted
  Companions to binary EHB stars - degenerate or non-degenerate?
1530 - 1600Tea
1600 - 1645Dr Ralf Napiwotzki
  Close binary EHB stars from SPY
Poster presentations
1645 - 1655Dr Mike Reed
  Detecting main sequence companions to subdwarf B stars using 2MASS
1655 - 1705Ms. Michele Stark
  Single and Composite Hot Subdwarf Stars in the Light of 2MASS Photometry
1705 - 1715Dr Simon Jeffery
  Fundamental parameters for sdB stars with luminous companions
1715 - 1725Dr. Ulrich Heber
  Radial velocity curves of new radial velocity variable sdB stars
1725 - 1735Dr. Richard Wade
  Are all hot subdwarf stars in close binaries?
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Wednesday 18th June 2003

Atmospheric properties of sdB stars
0915 - 1000Dr. Ulrich Heber
  Atmospheric models, parameters and abundandances of sdB stars
1000 - 1045Mr Thorsten Lisker
  Spectral analysis of sdB stars from the ESO Supernova Ia Progenitor Survey
1045 - 1115Coffee
1115 - 1200Dr Pierre Chayer
  FUSE Observations of EC14026 stars
Poster presentations
1200 - 1210Dr. Allen Sweigart
  FUSE Observations of He-rich sdB Stars
1210 - 1220Mr Mathieu Fontaine
  FUSE Spectroscopy and Heavy Elements Abundances in Hot, Hydrogen-Rich B Subdwarfs
1220 - 1230Mr Chris Winter
  Automatic classification of subdwarf spectra using a neural network (Presented by Dr Jeffery)
1245 - 1400Lunch
1400 - 1700Gladstone Pottery Museum Visit
1845 - 1900Conference photograph
1900 - 2100Conference Dinner
  (Old library, Keele Hall)
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Thursday 19th June 2003

Asteroseismology I
0915 - 1000Prof. Gilles Fontaine
  Progress in the Theory of Pulsating sdB Stars
1000 - 1045Dr. Steven Kawaler
  Pulsating sdB stars - a new approach to probing their interiors
1045 - 1115Coffee
1115 - 1200Dr Stephane Charpinet
  Asteroseismic determination of sdB star fundamental parameters
1200 - 1245Dr Simon Jeffery
  Colour and velocity amplitudes in pulsating sdB stars.
1245 - 1400Lunch
1400 - 1445Ms Raquel Oreiro
  Studies of pulsations on new sdBs
1445 - 1530Dr Jan-Erik Solheim
  The NOT pulsating sdB search program.
1530 - 1600Tea
1600 - 1645Dr Mike Reed
  Mode stability and identification strategies in EC14026 stars
Poster presentations
1645 - 1655Dr Simon O'Toole
  HST/STIS observations of sdBV stars: a test of diffusion and pulsation theory
1655 - 1705Mss. Cristina Rodriguez Lopez
  Photometric studies of He rich hot subdwarfs
1705 - 1715Dr. Elizabeth Green
  Report on the Photometric and Spectroscopic Monitoring Campaigns for the Long-Period sdB Pulsator PG1627+017
1715 - 1725Mr Amir Ahmad
  Pulsation stability of helium-rich subdwarfs
1725 - 1735Mr Babulakshmanan Ramachandran
  Pulsation mode identification in sdBVs from colour variations
1735 - 1745Dr Roberto Silvotti
  Preliminary results of the multisite time-series campaign on PG1325+101
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Friday 20th June 2003

Asteroseismology II
0915 - 1000Dr Roy Østensen
  Radial velocity and line-profile variations in the sdBV star PG1325+101
1000 - 1045Dr Simon O'Toole
  Multisite spectroscopic and photometric observations of the sdBV star PG1605+072
1045 - 1115Coffee
1115 - 1200Miss Suzanna Randall
  A multi-site campaign on the Betsy star PG 1627+017
1200 - 1245Lunch
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29 May
Added poster presentation by Dr R Wade to Tuesday's session.
02 Jun
Changed order of talks for Monday
05 Jun
Venue for Conference dinner changed to Old Library
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