Extreme Horizontal Branch Stars and Related Objects - Proceedings

The proceedings

The proceedings will be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers as a special edition of the journal Astrophysics and Space Science. The SOC will referee each contribution before it is accepted for publication.

Instructions for authors.


The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is
Monday 1st September 2003.

Submitting your article

Please send the LaTeX file for your article and the encapsulated postscript files of the figures as attachments to an e-mail to the local organising committee.

Consent to Publish and Manuscript Transmittal forms

If you did not submit both a Consent to Publish form and a Manuscript Transmittal form you will need to send a completed and signed version of both to the LOC by post or fax at the address below.

The Consent to Publish form is available in PostScript format and as a Microsoft Word document.

The Manuscript Transmittal form is available in PostScript format and as a Microsoft Word document.
New You can edit the Word document version of the Manuscript Transmittal form and send the result as a PostScript file to the LOC by e-mail.

Preparing your manuscript

Please prepare your manuscript using the Kluwer Journal LaTeX style files. Please read the user manual carefully before preparing your manuscript.

Number of pages

8 pages including figures and references.
4 pages including figures and references.

Style notes

Please include an abstract in your article. This need not be the original abstract submitted for your presentation.

Please include an address for correspondance and give an institute name for each author.

Please use the namedreferences document option and associated LateX commands as decribed in section 11.1 of the kluwer.cls user manual.

Photographs and figures

Please make sure that for all figures the best possible originals are included (highest resolution, more than 300 dpi, preferably 600 dpi). Please use the graphicx package to include your figures into your article as described in the usermanual (section 9.2) and check that they appear correctly in the printed version. Please note that full colour photographs and figures are only printed against an additional payment of 350 Euro per coloured page by the individual author. Colour figures should be prepared by setting the YMCK colour coding (instead of RGB).  
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