UK Working Group
on Evolved Stars

The UK Working Group on Evolved Stars aims to bring together researchers based in the United Kingdom who are interested in any aspect of the late stages of stellar evolution, including planetary nebulae and supernovae, their enrichment of and interaction with the interstellar medium, and their use in mapping galactic structure.

The Working Group organises and advertises scientific meetings, and offers a convenient way to e-mail members of the UK evolved stars community. The Working Group also attempts to maintain an overview of UK activity in this area, thereby enhancing visibility towards national funding and policy-making bodies.

* Science session at the NAM 2011: Unsolved problems of stellar evolution
21 April 2011
Llandudno, Cymru (Wales)

For more information contact the session organiser Albert Zijlstra

To be considered for membership of the UK Working Group on Evolved Stars, please contact e-Stars.

Coordinated by Jacco van Loon (Keele University) and Albert Zijlstra (University of Manchester)